Forex is a zero sum gain

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Forex is a zero sum gain; hence, someone must lose money for others to gain. One client is bound to make money; while the account manager will benefit from the commission on both accounts.. If it sounds too easy or good to be true, then you should stay away. Advertisers and marketers often claim that there is unlimited money to be made in the Forex market, but this is not true.  If you...


Everyone deserves to be loved

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Everyone deserves to be loved, and everyone is loved by God.YOU GET TO CHOOSE!Do you realize that you have free will, which means that you get to choose how you want to think? You get to choose whether you want to be an optimist or a pessimist, and which one you choose determines your feelings and actions.* I don t deserve to be loved..I am an optimist.* Life s challenges present me with...


The second reason is the ability of the Adsense

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The second reason is the ability of the Adsense publishers to track not only how their sites are progressing but also the earnings based on the webmaster-defined channels. As opposed to those who are no using Adsense in their sites, they are given the option of having other people do their content for them, giving them the benefit of having successful and money-generating web sites.To know why...


If you have any LCD MONITOR ARM special terms

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If you have any LCD MONITOR ARM special terms and conditions (for example, if you will give a refund on any item as long as it has not been opened), then you should make sure these are displayed too. If someone else is selling the same thing as you, then always try to provide more information about it than they do. Also, are you checking your emails? Remember that potential buyers can send you...